A Cancer Diagnosis Does Not Have to Equate to Large Medical Bills

Kaiser Health News recently published an article (Link) that exposes the growing problem of very large unexpected medical bills. This article highlights the story of a woman requires a complicated surgery due to a breast cancer diagnosis. She carefully researched and selected a reputable surgeon in her area. Even with though she has health insurance, she received a large medical bill that was over $10,000. She questioned the charges and came to realize that the surgeon that she had selected was unfortunately not in her network. This is a growing problem due to changes in the health care industry. The complexity of insurance coverage plans are leaving people who believed they were covered by their primary health care coverage to receive large bills for medical expenses as a result of unknown holes and gaps in their insurance coverage.

Large medical bills can pose a financial threat to unsuspecting patients in today’s health care system. In many cases, the threat also exists for patients that have coverage and have a large deductible. The effects can be financially devastating for many people. In many cases, patients can be forced into bankruptcy. These are circumstance that are predicted to become more common as the cost of healthcare is expected to increase another 40% in the near future. As time passes, consumers will be forced into medical coverage plans with very high deductibles in order to keep their monthly premiums low enough to be affordable.

Fortunately there is a solution to help combat the exponential growth of this problem. Supplemental insurance can provide the coverage you need to cover any unforeseen health insurance gaps. Supplemental insurance benefits can provide large lump sums of tax-free cash that is paid directly to you when you need it most. The cost of supplemental insurance is affordable and provide you with coverage for thousands of dollars. Had the woman in this article been covered by just one of our available policies, she could have wiped out that $10,000 bill and had a substantial amount of cash left over to help with any other expenses she needed to pay for.

If this is a concern of yours, you will be happy to know that there is a solution. We provide two different policies that each pay large lump sums of cash up to $50,000 upon initial diagnosis of cancer and many other critical conditions. Some of our clients that want the maximum protection against cancer and other illnesses multiple separate policies that would pay up to $100,000 in total tax-free money if they receive a cancer diagnosis. Other clients prefer to choose a more affordable option that would cover their deductible in the event a diagnosis occurs. These people will choose a policy with a $10,000 benefit. Whatever your budget and whatever your need, we can get you coverage that will provide you with tax-free cash benefits that are paid directly to you.

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