About Pete

Pete Ferenczy is a results oriented Real Estate professional. To simply label him as a Realtor, would be a description that would fall short of his true expertise. Pete and his team’s expertise revolve around one key mission.

Our mission is to provide a client experience that makes the process of buying and selling real estate assets hassle-free. This is achieved through personalized customer service, education, expert guidance, market knowledge, industry expertise, modern ingenuity and cutting edge technologies that are ultimately focused on benefits and needs of our clients.Pete Ferenczy

Our mission is not just a lofty goal…

Pete and his team take this mission very seriously. As a result, Pete has personally built his own personal skills and qualifications to deliver on providing guidance and expertise to his clients on all aspects and steps through the process of buying and selling real estate. These key skills include the following:

Local Market Expertise

Pete is born and raised in SE Michigan. Through his years in the area and seasoned real estate expertise, he also understands the Detroit Metro Area housing market, it’s neighborhoods and it’s trends.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Pete is a seasoned Real estate agent, and proud to be part of the Keller Williams team. Being a Keller Williams Realtor provides him access to immense library or tools, resources and industry experts from across the United States.

Federally Licensed Mortgage Banker (NMLS#323245)

Pete is one of the elite few that is Federally licensed as a nation-wide mortgage banker. What this means is that he is licensed in Michigan and certified to provide lending solutions nation-wide. This gives him a unique perspective to provide guidance and consultation to Buyers or Sellers regarding mortgages and lending options.

Insurance Specialist

Home Insurance options are an important element of owning a home or property. Pete is an experienced Insurance Specialist that understands the options that are available in the marketplace. He can provide advice and guidance on residential and commercial insurance options and even facilitate the contacts on your behalf.

Digital Marketing Specialist

While all other Real Estate professionals rely on age old techniques, Pete has embraced the power of modern digital online marketing and made it a part of his services. Pete recognized the power of Online Cross-Channel Digital Marketing. He trained under some the most recognized and respected Digital Marketing gurus that are the masterminds behind some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world. He has taken these skills and methodologies to maximize the exposure of your home or property to potential buyers. This practice has proven to bring more qualified buyers, sell your property or home faster and ultimately increase your value and ROI.

Home Improvement Specialist

Most homes and properties can use at least some small tweaks to increase their value to their full potential and maximum value before putting them on the market. Some properties can even be bought below market value and brought up to full potential with a little home improvement to fit your style. Over the years, Pete has put together an incredible contact list of experienced contractors to support all your home improvement needs even after purchase of your home or property. Pete has years of experience in the home improvement industry and can help advise and guide you to get your home or property up to it’s full potential and maximum value.

What does this mean for you?

Choosing the right Realtor to represent you and your real estate needs is a decision that will impact the outcome. Pete and his team have compiled the experience, knowledge and services to tip the scales in your favor. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a property, residential or commercial, Pete and his team have the resources and expertise to give you the best possible outcome. Pete understands the market, the techniques and all aspects of buying and selling homes and properties in the Detroit Metro Area to make it as painless, hassle-free and profitable as possible!

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