Cover Your Bills while on Disability

Forbes recently provided an insightful look at how important disability insurance really is (Link). It was found that only some employers offer it. Some employers do not even offer the option. This is partially due to all the changes in the healthcare landscape. It was found that even those that have disability insurance through their employers most likely do not have enough! Most plans only cover only up to 60% of your income. This leave a 40% deficit in your income. If you get sick or hurt and are unable to work your bills won’t go down by 40% to compensate for your loss of income. Therefore you are forced to reduce your quality of life to compensate for the loss of income. Furthermore, claims on disability insurance have been steadily rising over the years.

This gap in income coverage means that if you are unable to work as a result of an illness or injury your coverage may leave you in a terrible financial situation. If you have no disability insurance or substantial savings, the loss of time from work can put you behind on bills, unable to afford groceries or other financial obligations. Even if you do have some savings. Most Americans could not go more than a week, or a month without a paycheck. How long could you go without a paycheck before your saving and retirement accounts are depleted?

Luckily there is a solution to this problem. We can make sure you have income replacement from your first day off of work. We can help to make sure you have tax free cash benefits paid directly to you when you are sick or hurt and can’t work. even if you have no disability insurance, we can help you maintain your quality of life. If you have disability insurance, we can bridge the gap between your coverage and your benefits. We can make sure you have tax free cash benefits when you need it most.

Our short term and long term disability coverage we can make sure you have up to $5000 per month for up to 2 full years when you are sick or hurt and unable to work. Our short term coverage can be used regardless of your occupation. Your benefits begin on the first day you are unable to work. Our long term coverage is designed for those who can go as little as a couple weeks or as much as 3 months without a paycheck. It is designed to provide the buffer you need to survive without draining your bank accounts due to sickness or injury. All of our policies are privately owned by you and will go with you wherever you go.