People need to relocate for many reasons. The most common reasons that people relocate are for the following reasons:

  • I am being relocated permanently by my employer.
  • I am relocating due to lengthy work assignment or contract.
  • I am relocating due to health reasons
  • I am relocating to be closer to family
  • I am retired and relocating to an area I would like to spend my retirement years in.
  • I am relocating due to take advantage of a better economy.
  • I am relocating to take advantage of cheaper cost of living or cheaper housing.
  • I am relocating to a better climate fro health and wellness reasons.
  • I need to relocate for school.
  • I need to relocate due to a extenuating circumstances or natural disaster.
  • …and many other reasons to relocate.

What We Do For You

Relocating can be an overwhelming and complicated endeavor especially if you are unfamiliar to the area. The services that have been assembled for you are specifically focused on providing you with the thorough information and guidance about the area and resources you need to make your relocation to the area as smooth and effortless as possible. These services include:

Pete is born and raised in SE Michigan. Through his years in the area and seasoned real estate expertise, he also understands the Detroit Metro Area housing market, it’s neighborhoods and it’s trends.

Federally Licensed Lender

Pete is proud to be a seasoned Keller Williams Real Estate Agent with over 15 years of experience in the housing industry. Being a Keller Williams Realtor provides him access to immense library or tools, resources and industry experts from across the United States and even the world.

Insurance Specialist

Home Insurance options is an important element of owning a home or property. Pete is an experienced Insurance Specialist that understands the options that are available on the market. He can provide advice and guidance on residential, commercial and rental insurance options and even facilitate the contacts on your behalf.

Professionally Trained Online Digital Marketing Specialist

While all other Real Estate professionals rely on age old techniques, Pete has embraced the power of modern digital online marketing and made it a part of his services. Pete recognized the power of the Online Cross-Channel Digital Marketing. He trained under some the most recognized and respected Digital Marketing gurus that are the masterminds behind some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world. He has taken these skills and methodologies to maximize the exposure of your home or property to potential buyers. This practice has proven to bring more qualified buyers, sell your property or home faster and ultimately increase your value and ROI.

Home Improvement Contractor

Most homes and properties can use at least some small tweaks to increase their value to their full potential and maximum value before putting them on the market. Some properties can even be bought below market value and brought up to full potential with a little home improvement to fit your style. Pete and his team understand this, and have put together an incredible contact list of the best contractors to support your home improvement needs even after purchase of your home or property. Pete has years of experience as a general contractor and can help advice and guide you to get your home or property up to it’s full potential and maximum value.

What does this mean for you?

Choosing the right Realtor to represent you and your real estate needs is a decision that will impact the outcome. Pete and his team have compiled the experience, knowledge and services to tip the scales in your favor. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a property, residential or commercial, Pete and his team have the resources and expertise to give you the best possible outcome. Pete understands the market, the techniques and all aspects of buying and selling homes and properties in the Detroit Metro Area to make it as painless, hassle-free and profitable as possible!

Real Estate Services

I am Selling My Property

Getting sick or hurt can be financially devastating to you and your family’s lifestyle. Protect yourself and your income. We pay cash directly to you when you are sick or hurt and cant work

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I am Buying a Property

Supplements your major medical insurance and helps pay cash directly to you to pay for copays and deductibles, or any other expenses you need to pay

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I am Relocating to the Area

This is essential protection that should be carried by anyone that is dependent on their income. Protect your cash flow income with this great income protection plan

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